Archived blogs

For the Love of It

A place to share personal stories and fond memories of scientific objects from our daily lives. Accompanied the small Entrance Gallery exhibition, 28 April to 2 August 2015.

Astrolabes in Medieval Jewish Culture

A blog documenting this three-year project.

Innovating in Combat

Telecommunications and intellectual property in the First World War.


A blog revealing the arc of an MSc student exhibit displayed from 24 April to 24 June 2012.

Smallworlds: Museums and Microscopes

A blog from the exhibition of the miniature world of microscopic specimens, revealing the strange and wonderful contents of the Museum’s collection of some ten thousand slides, which ran from 31 October 2007 to 6 April 2008.

Eccentricity scrapbook

Notes from an exhibition on the topic of 'eccentricity' displayed from 10 May to 16 October 2011. Eccentric scientists are familiar creations of the media, while eccentric Oxford academics inhabit both literary fiction and historical fact.